Thursday, November 1, 2007



From the beginning of the process, 
I work closely with you to create
 a décor which meets with your desires, 
taste and lifestyle.

Until the final physical hands-on of 
putting the room together, I will address 
the finest of details with
 utmost attention to quality and value.

 RATES Fees are according to the size 
of space and depth of work. 
There is no charge
 for the initial review of requirements.

The benefits of a complete turn-key service
are a total liberation from installation
to decorating.

         HOME STAGING can make all the difference 
to your final selling price as well as increasing 
the aesthetic appeal in the most flattering way.

RELOCATE Arrange your new home to bring out the full potential of your rooms
 using your current or additional
 furniture and ornaments.


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