Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ambiance Art Decoration
A Sophisticated Ambiance of Luxury ...

  - Residential  interior design
- Rental purposes decoration  
- Complete renovation services
- Turn Key package
Home staging

We aim to provide the timely service 
you deserve and transact with respect. 
We call upon a team of experienced professionals
to ensure that every aspect of a project
is undertaken and completed successfully.
with Esther Jacques ...
An understanding of the exceptional
and love for refinement
is the essence of her philosophy.

A modern contemporary style, distinguished
by its dynamic signature and the use of
innovative materials and furnishings.
Every design is intended to be unique.
But it is never about design only.

It is also about personality.

       Esther Jacques is the kind of artist who takes in consideration your own taste to create and enhance your surroundings, combining beautiful furnishings, paintings and original objects with elegance and panache.
        She completed her interior design and decoration at the Parson's School of Interior Design.
       These credential enabled her to enter the world of decoration with an eye for exceptional accents.
      Ambiance, Art et Decoration is well established in the field of design since over 10 years, and today is held in high esteem by owners who appreciate exceptional artistry.

F.W.I. (059)06 90 409 017
N.A (721) 586 36 06
The initial consultation includes
a FREE assessment.
" J'aime penser que je suis
 une créatrice d'ambiance
avant d'être décoratrice "

Thursday, November 1, 2007



From the beginning of the process, 
I work closely with you to create
 a décor which meets with your desires, 
taste and lifestyle.

Until the final physical hands-on of 
putting the room together, I will address 
the finest of details with
 utmost attention to quality and value.

 RATES Fees are according to the size 
of space and depth of work. 
There is no charge
 for the initial review of requirements.

The benefits of a complete turn-key service
are a total liberation from installation
to decorating.

         HOME STAGING can make all the difference 
to your final selling price as well as increasing 
the aesthetic appeal in the most flattering way.

RELOCATE Arrange your new home to bring out the full potential of your rooms
 using your current or additional
 furniture and ornaments.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


LOOK at living differently !!

Help you imagine the space you love.
And bring it to live...

A different approach
Un autre regard ...
Elegant  Creative 
Unruffled  Minimalist...

Design  Fashion  Glamour
Original  Innovative

Romantic Atypical Sensual 
Temporal Zen Distinctive...

...for those who appreciate a blend
of refined modern style with panache ...

and.............for those who seek a hand made,
earthy and trendy materials.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


LUXURY... this habitual enjoyment of or indulgence
in the best of inessential and desirable items.

A Sophisticated Ambiance of Luxury...
Lapierres Marble

Marble always evoques a sense of quality and luxury ...and the latest Collection at Lapierre's Marble is worthy of the strong visual impact of the Showroom situated in Hope Estate Saint Martin, in the French West Indies.

Perfect hedonism...In the pursuit of pleasure. 
Sensual self indulgence invited in your bathroom !  

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

PARIS ... An Eye for Details

PARIS is renowned
 as one of the most influential 
cities in the world of Art.

Innovative art galleries in le Marais 
and the Left Bank display some wonderful
 collections of art, paintings by local 
and world-famous artists.
Thierry Boitier

stylist fabric designer,
embroideries jewelry and accessories
Theatre costume designs

 Helga Bjornsson, born in Iceland
is the official Costume designer
 since 2002 for the
National Theater and Opera
in Reykjavik, Iceland.

PARIS also
Hunting with an eye for details...
Discovering and sharing the city's 
rich details, from mysterious doorways 
in le Marais to hidden symbols of
 a Renaissance painting in le Louvre. 
FRESQUES et Trompes L'Oeil
The exceptional work of the artist is the product of natural artistic talent and heartfelt passion tempered by years of study, observation and realization.
- Replica of master piece by THOMAS COUTURE.
Cafe-Restaurant in Paris.
Sylvie Pourel created the exquisite mural, a faithful replica of “The Lavish”, for a restaurant in Paris.
She continues to refine her talents, taking great care in developing each individual composition. Sylvie Pourel is living in Paris.
Bathroom Decor. Egyptian fresco, marble effects.
Sylvie Pourel’s expansive use of subtle color variations, creative use of light and shadow and exquisite figurative rendering, infuse her work with breathtaking life, realism and beauty.
Sylvie Pourel. Simplement Sublime !!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

NEW YORK " Art et Amour "

Andrei Protsouk
"All great art started with a great line"
Andrei Protsouk

Born in Ukraine, Andrei Protsouk mooved with his family to the United States in 1994,to Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, where he opened a retail Art Gallery "Art and Design Publishing".
The symbolic language in Andrei Protsouk's artwork is consisting of men, woman, and animals, in their conflicting and at other times complementary nature.
NEW from the "Malbeck Wine " Collection 
The Artist presents LOVE as an opposition of emotions, a collision of appetites, impulses, and feelings ... the ancien theme of sexual tension and power invades the eternal struggle between men and woman is colourful and playfully present in many paintings.


Baroque, Sensuelle ...
 Oil on canvas 120x120 cm / 47x47 inches
Odile de Schwilgue. A talented French Artiste Peintre born in the Alsace region of France.Behind a modern and adventurous woman, passionate about sailing, we discover a rare sensitivity of the soul flirting with technical perfection.
"LILITH et ADAM " Oil on Canvas 92x65cm / 36x25 inches
Living and working in Antibes, on the beautiful French Rivierra, Odile de Schwilgue actively continues to live her passion and excels with her "Glacis" techniques.
Permanent Expositions Paris and New York.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Francis Eck

Vibrant ... Sensual texture
Wilfrid Moizan

Cati Burnot

Cati Burnot has mastered the technique of glacis,
which gives her work a pearly gloss and provides
an outstanding transparency in her use of vibrant colors.

Antoine Chapon 
ART talk... ART soft feelings...

Thanking you for your visit !
A tout bientot ...

A Sophisticated Ambiance of Luxury ...