Tuesday, June 19, 2007

PARIS ... An Eye for Details

PARIS is renowned
 as one of the most influential 
cities in the world of Art.

Innovative art galleries in le Marais 
and the Left Bank display some wonderful
 collections of art, paintings by local 
and world-famous artists.
Thierry Boitier

stylist fabric designer,
embroideries jewelry and accessories
Theatre costume designs

 Helga Bjornsson, born in Iceland
is the official Costume designer
 since 2002 for the
National Theater and Opera
in Reykjavik, Iceland.

PARIS ...is also
Hunting with an eye for details...
Discovering and sharing the city's 
rich details, from mysterious doorways 
in le Marais to hidden symbols of
 a Renaissance painting in le Louvre. 
FRESQUES et Trompes L'Oeil
The exceptional work of the artist is the product of natural artistic talent and heartfelt passion tempered by years of study, observation and realization.
- Replica of master piece by THOMAS COUTURE.
Cafe-Restaurant in Paris.
Sylvie Pourel created the exquisite mural, a faithful replica of “The Lavish”, for a restaurant in Paris.
She continues to refine her talents, taking great care in developing each individual composition. Sylvie Pourel is living in Paris.
Bathroom Decor. Egyptian fresco, marble effects.
Sylvie Pourel’s expansive use of subtle color variations, creative use of light and shadow and exquisite figurative rendering, infuse her work with breathtaking life, realism and beauty.
Sylvie Pourel. Simplement Sublime !!

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